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House of the Dragon’s Lady Redwyne could be Olenna Tyrell’s ancestor




Lady Olenna Tyrell was not one to be messed with. She was a sensation among the Game of Thrones audience for speaking her mind, and saying what others were too afraid to say. She was the grandmother to Loras and Margaery Tyrell. Although she carried the Tyrell name with pride,  she was born in the House Redwyne. Originally, her betrothal was to Daeron Targaryen. Reportedly, Daeron broke the betrothal and she later married Lord Luthor Tyrell, the head of House Tyrell and the former Warden of the South.

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Who is Lady Redwyne?


People loved seeing a pug in episode 3 of House of the Dragon. And the woman holding the pug is Lady Redwyne. Snarkiness must run in the Redwynes seeing how the Lady complains about the King right in front of his daughter. Olenna Tyrell was a Redwyne too but she knew how to pick her battles. Through their connections to the House Redwyne, Lady Redwyne is a distant ancestor to Lady Olenna Tyrell.

House Redwyne is a powerful house that has sworn its loyalty to House Tyrell. They both are situated in the Arbor, known for producing excellent wines, which contributes to the house’s wealth. House Redwyne is easily one of the most powerful vassals of House Tyrell. By the Game of Thrones time period, The Redwyne Fleet is the largest of all the Seven Kingdoms.

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We will see many houses we’ve seen before pop up here and there on House of the Dragon. Which House are you most excited to see on House of the Dragon?

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