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Kristopher Hivju reveals some Brienne-Tormund scenes were deleted



Tormund, the wildling is a funny character on the show and his little flip with Brienne is something to look forward to, in this season. Amidst all the tragic deaths and reunions this season, Brienne’s and Tormund’s romance is definitely keeping fans happy.

Kristopher Hivju, the actor who plays Tormund on Game of Thrones, spoke to Screen Crush about he felt working with Gwendoline Christie, specially the scenes which show this kind of tiff and crush between them and said that, “We had a lot of fun with it. She’s a great actress and she’s a walking, laughing machine. It was a day of doing that. Some of the scenes are deleted. But we had a lot of fun and nobody saw that coming.”

There are also certain deleted scenes of Brienne and Tormund and when Kristopher was asked about those scenes, he nonchalantly replied, “Ah, you’ll see when the extra material comes out. The only thing the show says about Tormund’s family is he says in “Hardhome” that “Jon Snow is prettier than both my daughters.” So he has kids, but we haven’t seen him – he’s been so occupied with war that he hasn’t been able to think about girls. So finally there was a match for him walking in Castle Black.

He also spoke about he felt when he came to know about Jon Snow’s return and said that, Well I must say that Kit Harington is a brilliant liar. He made a huge drama, he even had a speech and said like, “I’m so grateful to be on this show” and “nice to work with you all.” And Maisie [Williams] one night, she went up to him and she took him by the ears and she looked him deeply into the eyes and she said, “Is it true? Are you dead?” And with tears in his eyes he said, “Yes Maisie. I’m sorry, but I am dead. I’m not coming back.” So he was a brilliant liar to all of us. He really kept that. But of course when we read the script for this season we all knew what was going to happen. Then we had the shared lie.”

Oh, and he also gave us the shipper name for Brienne and Tormund which is, Briemund the Tarth Bane (and this is super fun).

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