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Kristian Nairn talks about Game of Thrones Season 8 at the Mumbai Sunburn Festival



The Sunburn Festival in India this year was an amazing experience for all those who had an opportunity to witness it live! The guests present at the three-day festival held from October 5-7 in the cities of Bengaluru, New Delhi, and, Mumbai were: Above & Beyond, Yellow Claw, DJ Malaa,Moksi, and our own Kristian Nairn who played Hodor in Game of Thrones.

Kristian Nairn, whose character was adored in Game of Thrones took it to his Twitter handle and shared:

“Wow! Playing in India was NEXT LEVEL! Thanks to everyone who came and partied during my set at @SunburnFestival.. hopefully I’ll be back soon! #sunburnfestival”

Wow! ? Playing in India was NEXT LEVEL! ??

Thanks to everyone who came and partied during my set at @SunburnFestival.. hopefully I’ll be back soon! ? #sunburnfestival

— Kristian Nairn (@KristianNairn) October 8, 2018

Moreover, Nairn talked to the Republic post the event and discussed the final season. Talking about the heartbreaking death of Hodor in the series, he said:

“It was pretty sad. Being a part of Game of Thrones, I was really glad that I lasted so long as every year everyone dies. Every time you flipping through the scripts, you are like, am I going to die this year? I was there for five-six years. I am not going to lie, it was sad when I found out that my character will die”

“It was sad to be leaving the show, it was sad to be leaving my friends, I still see them though. I still hang out with them all the time. I have made friends for life on that show.”

Nairn also said that he is pretty excited for the final season of Game of Thrones to air in 2019. According to him:

“Oh yeah, who isn’t excited? I think it’s going to be incredible. I don’t know what happens, well, sort of maybe a little bit but I just know it’s going to be incredible. They have worked so hard on it. It’s going to be the best season I think yet…”

Yet, Nairn’s ‘a little’ may too much for us as many cast members have suggested that the ending of the series seems heartbreaking for all fans. Moreover, according to a popular buzz over the internet, Nairn can return for the final season. We just hope that he doesn’t come back as a wight soldier in the Army of the Dead!

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