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Kit Harington admits Jon Snow's return on Game of Thrones was disappointing



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Game of Thrones season 5 ended with the bloodshed of Jon Snow, and his death haunted fans for an entire year until season 6 brought him back to life. With the Red Priestess’s mysterious chants and a very curious ritual, we saw Jon Snow return from the dead, which left us all overjoyed for the rest of the season. However, a lot of people thought that it was quite underwhelming how Jon came back to life and returned to being nearly as he was before he died. And Kit Harington, the actor who plays Jon Snow, also seemed to think that Jon’s return to life was disappointing.

During an interview with the Wrap, Harington spoke about his character and that he had expected Jon to come back from the dead as a changed person, which didn’t exactly happen, and it left him disappointed.

“I knew I was coming back to life, but I didn’t know if I’d come back as a changed person, as a villain. So I couldn’t pre-plan anything, which was hard,” he said.

“I got the scripts, and actually, he comes back as himself, as the Jon that everyone knows. Which at first I found disappointing,” he added. “But he has an insight into what lies beyond that very few people in this world do. He knows that there’s no afterlife. Which does quietly drive who he is and what he wants to do.”

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It wouldn’t be wrong to say that a lot of fans agree with what Kit Harington has to say about Jon’s return, but do let us know in the comments if you think otherwise.

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