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Game of Thrones Season 8 updates : pink signs, set photos, and Unsullied filming



Game of Thrones Season 8 filming is going on right now, and we have some nice little bits from the sets. Here’s the roundup!

First off, a few more pink signs have started appearing around Linen Mill Studios in Corbet-Banbridge, Northern Ireland, which is the area hosting a few important locations, including Winterfell interiors, Riverrun, and Hodor’s death scene. Check out the pictures, below :

Village of Corbet near Banbridge. New “NO TRESPASSING” signs have been erected to legally deter Paparazzis (from same area where photos were taken last year!) at the back of the set, which is on private land owned by farmers. Here we have more Pink GOT Signs pointing to the set!

— Irish Thrones (@IrishThrones) November 9, 2017

EXTREMELY busy week at the Irish #GameOfThrones set at Linenmill studios in Corbet, near Banbridge! This is a multi set, famous for Riverrrun and its courtyard previously and Winterfell interiors. Here we have the famous ‘Pink’ GOT Signs pointing the way to the set itself!

— Irish Thrones (@IrishThrones) November 9, 2017

All thanks to @IrishThrones! Fan Stephen McGuckin also spotted a pink sign exterior Winterfell set at Moneyglass, Northern Ireland :

Winterfell looking great this afternoon @GameOfThrones @WiCnet @IrishThrones @WatchersOTWall #gameofthrones

— Stephen McGuckin ⚡️ (@SGuckin) November 12, 2017

Moving on, Game of Thrones fan site Watchers on the Wall reports that a new scene with the Unsullied army is being filmed in Toome, near the Winterfell set. Apparently the Unsullied are now equipped with dragonglass-tipped spears, so seems the army is getting ready to fight White Walkers. Meanwhile, the two greatest season eight sets we know of remain under construction. Check out pictures of the Winterfell set in Moneyglass, showing white tarps, below, thanks to Watchers on the Wall, and Oakleaf Photography :

A hive of activity (Nov 9th) around the Higgins estate Moneyglass N.Ireland as HBO prepares the Winterfell set for season 8 filming. #GOT #GameofThrones #GameOfThronesFinale #Belfast #winteriscoming

— Oakleaf Photography (@jct_c) November 10, 2017

This might be pointing to the fact that scenes outside of the Winterfell castle will have their own set, rather than be made from CGI, which means that we will probably get a battle sequence showing the White Walkers attacking Winterfell.

There has been more construction at the Titanic Studios parking lot too. Check out the new photos :

Pics from the new set being constructed by HBO for season 8 of the Game of Thrones. #GOT #GameofThrones #GameOfThronesFinale #Belfast #winteriscoming

— Oakleaf Photography (@jct_c) November 10, 2017

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Now, we don’t know what this set is, but it is likely to be something in King’s Landing. What do you think? Any deductions? Talk to us in the comments, down below!

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