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Issac Hempstead Wright comments on the Bran-Night King theory



Game of Thrones Season 7 finished with a lot of cliffhangers, but there was one that was just lurking around. Bran Stark was shown to be more and more different from his own character and more like the Three-Eyed Raven. In the midst of all his mysteriousness, one fan theory has gained more traction than ever before, and that is the theory which talks about how Bran Stark could be the Night King. Issac Hempstead Wright, who plays the role of Bran Stark, recently talked about the theory. Read on!

In case you want a recap of the theory, check out the video, below :

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So, Nerdist recently spoke to Issac Hempstead Wright recently, and he said that the the theory seems a bit “fanciful” for Game of Thrones. The theory is a bit too complicated, and apparently that is what Issac dislikes about it :

“It just doesn’t feel like Game of Thrones. It feels a little bit too Hollywood.”

Issac however, was more approving of another theory which says that the older version of the Three-Eyed Raven, that trains Bran, is Bran Stark himself, as well :

“It seems a little bit more plausible [than the Night King theory] and it doesn’t have so many insane ramifications for the story line. That would be quite a neat little thing that would sum up that whole circular arc.”

He went on to say :

“We’ve already see Bran mess with time and create one paradox, so it would be quite nice to give his entire story a paradox. That would justify how he can meddle with time, because he exists in a closed loop, a sort of non-linear existence.”

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What do you think? Could Bran Stark be the Night King, or the older Three-Eyed Raven? What do you think? Talk to us in the comments, down below!

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