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See a flaming sword in action at Game of Thrones' Magheramorne Quarry set



Game of Thrones Season 8 has been filming for a while, and we have had regular updates from the sets, but there hadn’t been rapid filming updates until the production recently shifted to the new set, the one atMagheramorne Quarry, with the giant green screen. We have seen about almost everything here, ranging from the Unsullied to the Army of the Dead, and today we have another big update: a flaming sword. Read on!

Now, flaming sword means one thing: Beric Dondarrion. The man with the lives of a cat is currently on his last one, since Thoros of Myr is no more, and at the end of Season 7, we saw Beric and Tormund Giantsbane run for their lives as the Wall collapsed. Now, we have some evidence to assume that we will see Beric back in Season 8. Thanks to Game of Thrones fan Davy Orr, we have a video showing a flaming sword in action. Check it out (Appears at 17 sec mark, and again at 24 sec mark) :

Beric’s Flaming Sword perhaps. From tonight.

— Davy Orr (@DavynightorrOrr) March 28, 2018

Now, we haven’t spotted Beric, but at this point it’s likely it’s just him. Either that, or the Lord of the Light picks another to serve him. What do you guys think? Hit us with your theories, in the comments, down below!

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