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Infographic summarizes Game of Thrones murders from the first six seasons. Says Jon Snow is the most lethal character



Anybody who has watched even a moderate amount of Game of Thrones knows that the show is one of the very few shows that has no hesitation when it comes to killing characters off. Not only does the show kill characters that would die in any other show, it also axes off major characters which you assume will be alive till the end. A new infographic by a redditor gives a detailed look at the murders on the show, and it has some interesting insights!

Game of Thrones fan, redditor Orangedistortionposted an infographic to the Game of Thrones subreddit. He claims to have done data visualization of all murders from the first six seasons of the show. He says :

“My name is Luuk Van Hoomissen and I created this graphic by scouring wikis and clips from the show to find information on every named character, specifically if and how they died. Unnamed characters are not accounted for here, which affected the results.”

The fact that the infographic doesn’t account for deaths of characters that didn’t have their names revealed, limits it a bit, but it’s still very insightful. Check it out, below :

Click here to view the high-resolution image.

It’s interesting to see that Jon Snow takes the first place as the most lethal individual character, followed by Ramsay Bolton. Talking of houses, the Lannisters lead with the murder, closely followed by the Starks. The infographic also identifies Jon Snow as the most central character, because of the death count, and Ramsay Bolton, because of the importance of the characters that he has killed, albeit lesser than Jon. Of the 215 important (named) characters, 137 have died, with stabbing being the most common cause of death, followed by beheading. How glorious!

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