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A parent writes a letter to alumnus George R. R. Martin to save school from closing down



George R. R. Martin, the creator of the Game of Thrones universe, who wrote the series of novels titledA Song of Ice and Fire on which the TV series is based, is no doubt, a busy man. Over the years, Martin has done considerable work in the field and now he is somewhat of a god to us mere mortals, who can do nothing but appreciate him in his full glory. George has been known to do some nice things in reality, time and again, and it seems like this time it’s his alma mater that needs help. The parent of a Marist High School student has now appealed to George R. R. Martin to help the school out. Read on!

As those of you who follow George regularly know, George studied at the Marist High School for a few years, and it didn’t go well. He wrote about it on his website, where he said that his four years there were “not the happiest of my life”, and that he got thrown off the school paper in a “censorship dispute.” According to a report by, the 62-year-old school is set to close down in June, if it cannot raise $1.5 million by April 24th, citing the decrease in enrollment as the reason for closure. Melida Rodas, the parent of a 16-year-old girl who attends Marist, has written out to George R.R. Martin publicly, to help save the school. He is a writer himself, and an avid fan of George, and has been approaching all possible means to get the funds needed to save the institution.

George hasn’t yet responded to the open letter, yet, and the clock is ticking. We are skeptical as to whether he will step in and help save the school. What do you think? Tell us in the comments, down below!

Read the full open letter, below :

An open letter to

Mr. George R. R. Martin, writer of “Game of Thrones:”

I have enjoyed your work astounded by your insight into the human condition. The essence of your work is the protection of family and all the things we hold dear: a sense of home, brotherhood/sisterhood and our future survival.

The politics of what this involves is not lost on me. We do what we must do in order to maintain ground and hope in the midst of uncertainty or impending doom.

As a mother I certainly relate to the primal instincts of all your characters, to fiercely protect loved ones. Jon Snow is who I identify with the most.

As a brother of “The Night’s Watch”, he is relentless in his fight against those who threaten to extinct his family and friends. His path is always noble and upright. He guards a precious structure, “The Wall,” in your writings.

I see my child’s school as a similarly precious structure. “The White Walkers” and “WINTER” as a metaphor for what is coming for them. Their school is on the verge of extinction.

I am also sorry that I don’t knowwhat your experience was like when you attended Marist High School. I plead to you because the survival of Marist means so much to my daughter and her friends.

I also know that today at Marist, Mr. Cassaro, Mr. Murphy, Mr.Tabora, Ms. John, Ms. Miesnik and countless others show true love and devotion for their craft and our children.

For this reason it is unfortunate that “The Marist Brothers” have warned that the school will close if we do not raise 1.5 million dollars by April 24, 2017.


I wish to align myself with you in order to create awareness about the calamity we are facing.

I want my child to have what you have: a decent education, an extraordinary way of looking at things and the ability to dream what others see as possible.

Of all your characters, Samwell carries a special place in my heart because of his quiet strength, his sweetness and his devotion. He reminds me of my daughter.

I hope that this letter finds you – for this cause is not a cause about Politics, Religion, or “Marist,” the entity owned by The Marist Brothers.

This is about MARIST-our children, the teachers they love, and the things they hold dear: a sense of home, brotherhood/sisterhood and their future survival.

Please help us get the word out because, as you have often articulated in your works,” there is strength in numbers.”

We hope for survival.

We hope for your assistance.

Melida Rodas,

Proud parent of a Marist student

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