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“I didn’t want some happy-go-lucky, bubblegum thing. I wanted real acting” : Sophie Turner on her role as Sansa



Game of Thrones has been a long ride for all of us, with 8 years of episodes, and Season 8 will finally be bringing the story to end. As the show ends, the stars of the show are getting even more emotional than us fans. In the string of cast interviews discussing the end of the show and their careers after it, is one from Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark). She recently spoke to Marie Claire. Read on!

Sophie was new to the world when she took on the role of Sansa Stark, and the character wasn’t your average sunshine and rainbows Disney character, but she knew that. Sophie says :

“That’s what I craved. I didn’t want some happy-go-lucky, bubblegum thing. I wanted real acting.”

Speaking of the perils that her character has faced, she was asked what she thought about that whole controversy surrounding the Ramsay-Sansa rape scene? Sophie said :

“I was happy people were talking about it. But I was angry they put all their effort into [debating] a television sexual assault when it happens around the world every day, and you barely hear of it.”

She spoke about how things are between the cast members, especially the gang, Maisie Williams (Arya Stark), Kit Harington (Jon Snow), Rose Leslie (Ygritte), and Alfie Allen (Theon Greyjoy), who all live “about 10 minutes away from each other”, as Game of Thrones ends :

“It’s still Game of Thrones town in London. We meet up whenever we can. We all party together. We go to festivals together. We’ll probably all be 80 and still going to Glastonbury.”

Sophie also has a lot on her plate as Game of Thrones ends, including continuing being a superhero, her relationship with fiancé Joe Jonas, and a ton of movies. What did you think about this interview? Talk to us in the comments, down below!

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