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House of the Dragon’s former co-showrunner reveals his favorite Battle of the Bastards moment




The scene in Game of Thrones‘ “Battle of the Bastards,” where Jon Snow was buried beneath a mound of dead bodies and people were trampling him, was suffocating for both him and the people who were witnessing him be crushed under people one by one. However, it made its way into one of the most memorable moments of the entire series, and the director of the episode and former House of the Dragon co-showrunner Miguel Sapochnik agrees with that.

Miguel Sapochnik’s favorite Battle of the Bastards scene

The Battle of the Bastards is a personal favorite among a lot of Game of Thrones fans. Sapochnik, who directed the popular sequence, recalled in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, “I think that this section of the fight — in which Jon is almost buried alive by a stampede of panicking wildings — turned out as one of my favorite little moments in the sequence.”


Kit Harington’s no VFX sheer will-powered performance

Sapochnik went on to recall Harington’s mind-boggling performance, “No VFX, no fighting, just Kit giving a stellar performance and a crazy top shot as he pushes his way back out (we affectionately called it the “rebirthing” shot). The other reason I liked it is because of what it meant to be allowed to follow my gut and go for it. That kind of trust you can’t buy and it felt like a privilege to have been given that kind of support to go into unchartered territory by the producers in such a high-stakes game.”

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