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House of The Dragon's executive producer Ryan Condal hints at developing Valyrian steel swords with armoury head Tim Lewis




Game of Thrones prequel House of The Dragon has been a topic of chit chat amongst the lovers of the hit fantasy series. The show has displayed huge potential so far, and promises to improve on some of the key aspects that made the original show a blockbuster. The fans are already looking forward to meeting the new dragons, and also have a look at the legendary Valyrian steel swords. Though not many were left by the time Game of Thrones sets in, the prequel series will showcase quite many of them. This is because many Valyrian steel swords were lost during the Dance of the Dragons, a civil war that would be the prime focus of House of The Dragon.

In his recent podcast, The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of, House of The Dragon’s executive producer Ryan J. Condal talked about developing props for the show. He invited the head of armoury Tim Lewis for the show, and they discussed adding special details to the weapons to be used in the prequel show.


Condal revealed that he had just “liberated” his first prop from the production. He hides its precise nature, but he indicates that it is “pointy and bladed”, and it is used in a very specific and important scene that he wanted to get particularly right. He notes it was used in a stunt and had to look a certain way. Condal goes on to mention, in the course of discussing other movie swords, how important worldbuilding is and making everything feel like it fits together.

Lewis mentions that no writer has ever spent so much time in his workshop before as Condal has. The showrunner is always eager to come down to the shop to look at new things or discuss issues. Condal again emphasizes the importance he placed on attempting a specific approach to make things all fit together while also hoping to have weapons that will be iconic.

On being asked whether the Valyrian steel swords on the show will draw from the designs in Game of Thrones, Condal confirms that he and Lewis had discussed the idea that the furniture of a sword—the hilt, the pommel, the guard—might be changed over time, due to damage or changing fashion. He reveals that the first season features three Valyrian steel swords, while keeping mum about the name of the swords.

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Game of Thrones was a sensational TV show of the past decade. So when the news came out of a prequel series in development, fans all over the world were highly excited. House of The Dragon, the first and only Game of Thrones prequel to have received the green signal, is fast on its track for release in 2020. The key players have been set, and the cast recently had some new additions. Young and talented actresses Emily Carey and Milly Alcock have been cast as the younger versions of Alicent Hightower and Rhaenyra Targaryen respectively. And Emily seems to be really excited about the news, as evident from her new TikTok video.

Carey shared the news with her fans on social media. She retweeted the news of her casting on Tuesday afternoon, commenting, “The most comely girl in court has ARRIVED.

the most comely girl in court has ARRIVED

— Emily Carey (@TheEmilyCarey) July 6, 2021

Emily then went on to show her followers how excited she is about her new role. She posted a TikTok video expressing how surprised she is by posing in front of an article about her casting, while the Game of Thrones theme music played in the background.


well this is a bit mad isn’t it #HouseOfTheDragon #GameofThrones @gameofthrones

♬ Game of Thrones – Theme – London Music Works

The actress then thanked her fans, friends and family on Instagram for supporting her and congratulating her for getting the part. She spoke to her followers on Instagram Live.

My brain is fried. It’s just insane,” Carey said to her followers. “I auditioned. It was a fairly long audition process and I didn’t know what the project was or the character was until I got it. I can’t answer any questions or who I’ll be in scenes with but stay tuned for more and I love you and have a great Tuesday!”

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Game of Thrones wrapped up filming nearly two years ago. The streaming network is known for its secrecy when it comes to filming its shows and movies. However, when it comes to Game of Thrones, the security has been extra tight. They are extremely mum about the upcoming Game of Thrones projects as well. The only thing we know for sure is that House of The Dragon is currently on its way for release in 2022. And several other interesting projects are in development. With so many things hidden under a veil of confidentiality, HBO still manages to get the audience hyped up by releasing a few photos every now and then. Recently, they released an unseen photo from the filming period of Game of Thrones on Instagram.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by gameofthrones (@gameofthrones)

HBO dropped a behind-the-scenes image from the original series, showing us Maisie Williams in costume as Arya Stark ready to dice someone up with the caption: “A girl is ready for anything.”

The picture appears to have been taken from season 3, when Arya was travelling with Gendry and Hot Pie after leaving Harrenhal — the hair and height look about right. It’s hard to tell by the clothes alone since Arya didn’t have a chance to change for a while there.

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Five years ago on 26th June, one of the greatest episodes of Game of Thrones was aired. The Winds of Winter topped the charts everywhere on the internet and is still described as one of the most epic scenes to have ever filmed on TV. The Season 6 finale which features Cersei Lannister taking revenge on all those who wronged her in the cruellest way possible. It gave goosebumps to the audience. 5 years since its filming, fans all over the world are applauding Lena Headey’s performance in this fateful episode.

Even though many joke that Lena was paid an incredible amount for simply standing and drinking wine for the entire episode, it was her powerful presence that made the scene effective. The ominous tone of the episode provides a tense atmosphere, where the viewers know there’s something wrong, but can’t put their finger on it. It is when the Sept blows up, the plan is finally revealed.

Fans all over the world are reliving the episode and wondering why Lena never won the Emmy Award for her performance. The following are some of the reactions from Twitter:

5 years ago today, Game of Thrones gave us one of the best scenes in tv show history.

— chu (@chuuzus) June 26, 2021

The Winds Of Winter, is one of the greatest Season Finales in TV history. #GameOfThrones

— Rabbit (@DCSkwad) June 27, 2021

I’ll never understand how Lena Headey didn’t win multiple Emmy Awards & Golden Globes for her phenomenally evil portrayal of Cersei Lannister.

I despised the character for her cruelty, while admiring her intense loyalty & badass scenes at the same time.

— Mychal (@mychal3ts) June 27, 2021

it’s always a pleasure to watch cersei lannister blow up the great sept of baelor i love her

— gerion’s daughter (@joannalannster) June 26, 2021

lena headey being nominated for an emmy *5 times* for her portrayal cersei and not winning once.. someone needs to be tried in court for that

— no (@afroelven) June 26, 2021

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