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House of the Dragon bags two People’s Choice Awards nominations




House of the Dragon was one of the biggest shows of the year. It left quite an impact on the audience, with the finale trending on Twitter for 10 hours. With the first season ending just this week, the show has already been nominated for two major awards at the People’s Choice Awards 2022. Their nominations are in the categories: Best Television Show of 2022 and Best Sci-fi/ Fantasy Television Show of 2022.

Game of Thrones pushed the limits of television and fantasy. And its prequel spinoff seems to be building on top of that. The show has already featured newer terrains and many more dragons. The difference in the budgets of season one of Game of Thrones compared to House of the Dragon is in plain sight. While a bigger budget offers the creative team the freedom of options, the story writing was also incredible.

Almost every episode received high praise from the audiences and critics. With knockout ratings on IMDb and an undeniably stellar cast performance, we are sure House of the Dragon will be sweeping many awards this season. Fans are wondering why Paddy Considine hasn’t received the Best Actor or Best Supporting Actor nod. House of the Dragon could have definitely bagged many more nominations. One that immediately comes to mind is Favorite On-Screen Chemistry, for which we would like to nominate Rhaenyra and Daemon Targaryen (family tree aside).

What other awards would you like to see House of the Dragon nominated for? Share your thoughts on our discord server.

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