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House of the Dragon sound editor talks about Season 1’s climactic dragon chase



Vhagar and Arrax

The Season 1 finale of House of the Dragon, which aired last year, was exactly as depressing as fans had feared. The end contained yet another significant character’s death scene, which made those who had read the books dread this day. As an ambassador returning from Storm’s End, Lucerys Velaryon, the second son of Queen Rhaenyra, was murdered by Aemond and his dragon Vhagar. There wasn’t much of a fight; it was simply plain murder, and the death will have a “Strong” effect on the upcoming civil war.

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Sound editor Al Sirkett talks about bringing Season 1 finale to life

House of the Dragon supervising sound editor Al Sirkett has recently been nominated for his first Emmy ever. In an interview with Gold Derby, he recalled filming the scene, “There was so much energy and passion in that last episode with the dialogue, with the action. I think by the time we got to episode 10, we knew we were nailing it with the sounds, with the atmosphere, with the ambiance and the crowds, and everything that I think just all came together.”

Al Sirkett was surprised at his Emmy nomination

Sirkett went on to describe how he felt about his nomination, “I’ve never been nominated for an Emmy before. It was a wonderful, really lovely thing for me and the whole team, on a first season of something against such stiff competition. We’re very chuffed!” 

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