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Here’s a closer look at a dead Targaryen’s casket from House of The Dragon Season 2



funeral jaehaerys

House of The Dragon Season 1 brought together the greatest elements of everything we have grown to love about the franchise: dragons, blood, deceit, love, desire, loss, and dread. The first season got extremely good reviews from both spectators and reviewers, and anticipation for the second season of the Targaryen drama is nigh high. And Season 2 holds a lot of emotionally taxing scenes for viewers.

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The golden coffin of Prince Jaehaerys Targaryen

Prince Jaehaerys will be one of the unfortunate early casualties from the Greens’ side in the civil war, a death that will shake the viewers to their core. You can have a look at the prop in the pictures provided by TaiyeloluTijani, which show the prince’s body in a golden casket being carried by a little cart.

A closer look at Alicent and Helaena’s funeral attires

In the past couple of leaks, we have seen Olivia Cooke (Alicent) and Phia Saban (Helaena) filming important scenes in Spain, where they are wearing royal funeral attire. Here’s a closer look at their costumes, provided by SplashNews.

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