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House of the Dragon Season 2 might feature comeback of a forgotten character



Game of Thrones has had a number of underutilized characters, some of them never to return later on in the series. House of the Dragon, however, seems to be keen on not repeating the same mistake. Season 2 of the highly anticipated HBO epic will see the return of a number of fan-favorite characters, however, one less-remembered character is also set to make a surprising comeback.

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The maid who was raped by Aegon II in Season 1 will return

According to a report by Redanian Intelligence, actress Maddie Evans who played the role of Dyana, the maidservant who was sexually assaulted by an older version of Aegon in House of the Dragon Season 1, has been cast in the same role in Season 2 as well.

What role will Dyana play in House of the Dragon Season 2?

It is not clear yet as to what Dyana’s role will be in House of the Dragon Season 2, as there’s nothing really about her in Fire & Blood. She practically disappears after being given a potion to drink in both Season 1 and the book, and most fans assumed it was either moon tea or a poison to kill her off to protect Aegon’s reputation.

We can only speculate about her role in House of the Dragon Season 2. If she is holding a grudge against the royal family, she might be the one who leads Blood & Cheese to Helaena’s chambers, having extensive knowledge of the interior walls of the Red Keep and secret pathways, and the infamous event that ruins the name of the Blacks forever occurs that night.

However, there’s one more character who is set to make a shocking return. Read about it here.

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