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House of the Dragon Season 2 filming will take 8 months, says Ewan Mitchell (Aemond Targaryen)




House of the Dragon season 1 consistently gained new audiences throughout its run. And with that, many people are waiting for a glimpse of the next season. One of the show’s break-out stars, Ewan Mitchell, has revealed to The Face that the cast and crew will be shooting for eight months of 2023. “We’re going to be shooting for eight months next year,” said Mitchell. “We’re in the preparation phase of that now, which is why I’ve got my hair buzzed off, for the wig fittings.”

When asked what’s next for his character, Aemond Targaryen, he replied, So much of this season sees this family’s world balanced on a knife’s edge. All it’s going to take is a push from either side to draw blood. I guess Aemond is the guy who kickstarts the domino effect that’ll lead to the Dance of the Dragons. If season one was about seeing Aemond getting warmed up, season two is all-out war.” 

With Miguel Sapochnik exiting the show, Ryan Condal is the sole showrunner of season two of House of the Dragon. All the major characters will be making their return to our screens sometime in 2024, as per George R.R. Martin. It is expected to pick up where it left off, with tensions high between the Blacks and the Greens and Rhaenyra ready to finally retaliate.

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