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House of the Dragon cinematographer recalls filming the Emmy-nominated episode “The Lord Of The Tides”



Viserys I Targaryen being helped onto the Iron Throne by Daemon Targaryen

“The Lord of the Tides,” the eighth episode of the House of the Dragon, was one of the most moving episodes in Game of Thrones history. There are several indications in the series about how ethically ambiguous the characters are; none of them are either wicked or completely nice. The episode was praised for Paddy Considine‘s stunning performance and beautiful cinematography.

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House of the Dragon cinematographer explains the key difference with Game of Thrones

House of the Dragon cinematographer Catherine Goldschmidt talked about her approach with Deadline,Β  “The color palette of Game of Thrones was constantly shifting to define the different worlds, but House of the Dragon is about one family in one place, so the palette could be more connected to character and story rather than location. That meant grounding our choices in reality as much as possible, and striving for a more classic and considered approach to camerawork.”


How House of the Dragon’s episode 8 was focused on 3 characters

Goldschmidt went on to recall filming the eighth episode of Season 1, “Our challenge was to visually show the shifting relationship dynamics between them. Director Geeta Patel and I chose to focus our camera choices mostly on the hero triangle of King Viserys [Paddy Considine], Rhaenyra [Emma D’Arcy] and Alicent [Olivia Cooke], and their character arcs, in particular, informed our choices for blocking, lighting and lensing.”

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