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Daemon and Rhaenyra’s brothel trip was inspired by House of the Dragon director’s real-life experience



Daemon young Rhaenyra brothel

Game of Thrones does not shy away from showing off sexual proclivities, and House of the Dragon is no exception. In the fourth episode of Season 1, we follow Rhaenyra on her escapades. Sneaking out of the Red Keep with Daemon Targaryen, going to a brothel with him, and then going all the way with her knight Ser Criston Cole. There was a lot that went on behind-the-scenes as well.

House of the Dragon director wanted to project the female perspective of sex

House of the Dragon director Clare Kilner told THR that the brothel sequence was one of her favorite shots ever. She recalled, “I’d grown up on seeing male gaze [in cinema] — seeing sex from the male point of view — and I found myself thinking that I don’t even know what the female gaze is. You don’t just want to point the camera at tits. I had to think about what my own gaze was, which was interesting.”

The brothel scene was inspired by the director’s own shocking experience

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Kilner revealed an incident from her own real-life experience, “So for that sequence, I actually drew on the fact that when I was 23, somebody took me to a club in Berlin through these dark corridors and into this room where people were just like walking toward one another and ripping one another’s clothes off and having sex. I thought that this is how it might feel for young Rhaenyra going into this place.”

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