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Did House of The Dragon Episode 9 Preview introduce us to Gaemon Palehair?




Game of Thrones prequel House of The Dragon is steadily moving towards its finale, with episode 8 premiering earlier today. It was the biggest episode of the series by far, at least in season 1, both in terms of the runtime and the impact it had on the storyline. A lot happened in the most recent chapter of the TV adaptation of George R. R. Martin’s work, from all the characters growing up to their final form that will continue till the end of the series to King Viserys finally dying and in turn giving way to the fated civil war. The preview to episode 9 is here, and things are not looking too good in Westeros.

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SPOILER ALERT: The following details are a part of the later seasons of House of The Dragon. Read at your own risk!

The teaser showed a lot of mysterious individuals, and one of them stands out the most. A small child with Targaryen hair, and not-so-good condition. It looked like he has been staying in the slums at Flea Bottom. One of the most popular theories that hits close to the book lore is that child is Gaemon Palehair, a bastard child of Aegon II from one of his many adventures in Flea Bottom.

Gaemon’s mother, Essie, was a whore in the House of Kisses. She claimed he was a bastard son of Aegon II Targaryen during the civilian uprising in King’s Landing during an event in Fire and Blood known as the Moon of the Three Kings. It was a period in 130 AC near the end of the Dance of the Dragons when there were multiple “monarchs” in King’s Landing. These included a preacher, the so-called Shepherd, and two pretender kings, Trystane Truefyre, a hedge knight’s squire, and Gaemon Palehair, the alleged bastard of Aegon II.

The child also seems to be almost the same age as Aegon the younger, who we had previously seen in House of The Dragon episode 8, when Rhaenyra visits her ailing father. This will play out much later in the series, when both the kids are grown up, and will be known as best of friends in Westeros.

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