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Helaena Targaryen might be a Dragon Dreamer in House of the Dragon, here’s why




House of the Dragon is based on George R.R. Martin’s book Fire & Blood. It documents the age of Targaryen rule in Westeros. One of the most devastating wars to occur in Targaryen history is Dance of the Dragons which caused immense loss to their power. The infighting caused the loss of so many Targaryens lives and their dragons. The readers are usually either on Team Green or Team Black, but everyone loves Princess Helaena Targaryen regardless. While she was never said to have any prophetic powers in the book, the show might be changing that.

People who have the blood of Old Valyria are no strangers to seeing the future in their dreams, known as Dragon Dreams. Aegon the Conqueror’s dream, A Song of Ice and Fire, describes his descendant saving humanity from a long night. Daenys Targaryen, also known as Daenys the Dreamer, saw the Doom of Valyria in her dreams. By warning her family, the Targaryens were able to survive the cataclysm.

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Dragon Dreamer Helaena

young helaena targaryen house of the dragon episode 6

In episode 6, Helaena appears to be talking about an insect in her hands. But simultaneously, Alicent promises her distraught son Aemond Targaryen that one day he will have a dragon of his own. To this, Helaena says “He will have to close an eye”, to the insect. In episode 7, Aemond steals Vhagar but loses an eye in the process. The princess seems to have told the future.

In episode 7, we see her playing with another critter as she ambiguously mumbles “Hand turns loom, spool of green, spool of black; dragons of flesh weaving dragons of thread” on repeat. Let’s examine this further. Here, both meanings of the word loom are coming into play; weaving as well as threat. Hand turns loom can point to Ser Otto Hightower, the Hand of the King, who seems to be orchestrating the war which is to come. Spool of green, spool of black is a call to the two factions of the Targaryen civil war, the Greens led by Queen Alicent Hightower and her family, and the Blacks, led by Princess Rhaenyra and her family.

Dragons of flesh can be the Targaryens who are of pure Valyrian blood, like Rhaenyra and Daemon. Dragons of thread might be Rhaenyra’s bastard children, who although have bonded with dragons and have Targaryen blood, don’t look Valyrian. This line is quite vague so while it can symbolize how Rhaenyra has “woven” her sons into legitimacy, it can also mean how the dragons (Targaryens) are weaving or bifurcating into green threads and black threads.

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We’ll find out what Helaena meant in the coming episodes or perhaps, seasons. But what do you think of Helaena being a dragon dreamer? Let us know on our discord server!

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