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House of the Dragon Episode 4 makers discuss Daemon and Rhaenyra’s relationship in behind the scenes video




House of the Dragon Episode 4 is here and it highlights the chemistry between Daemon and Rhaenyra. Though it’s not a surprise that their relationship turns romantic, the episode does a good job of showing how much they care for each other. Even so, there are some questions that arise about both characters when considering their individual positions.

In this regard, the question that whether or not Rhaenyra is innocent, will impact the storyline moving forward, as implied by the crew of the show in the new “Inside the Episode” video from Episode 4.

What the makers of House of the Dragon Episode 4 say

House of the Dragon | S1 EP4: Inside the Episode (HBO)

Ryan J. Condal: The last time we saw Daemon, he was slathered in blood. This is his first time back since being banished in the pilot. It’s a big moment I think, it’s meant to be very drought and everybody should be wondering what actually is he going to do, added to the chair.

Miguel Sapochnik: We thought he should come back seemingly a changed man and then turn out to be exactly the same as he was before and continue with his unpredictable nature. When he comes back, he’s not looking for his brother anymore. He’s somehow looking to get back at his brother and Rhaenyra becomes the apple of his eye.

Since the first time they met, we’ve known there is a chemistry between them. But now there’s an opportunity for us to really get into that. There was a lot of conversation about Rhaenyra not being innocent and at the same time she is not the perpetrator of this idea that this is actually abused; felt really important to explore but we put aside that Daemon is her uncle because that is the Targaryen custom.

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