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Here's a look at the mixed reviews Game of Thrones got when it first premiered



Game of Thrones is one of the most popular shows on the planet right now, and it has definitely earned the spot, with a storyline, cast, and a million other things that HBO did just right, for over the last seven years. The show is based off on the work of George R. R. Martin, and while it may be one of the most praised TV shows by critics, right now, the show didn’t get as unified and positive a response from them when it began. The good folks over at wetpaint have managed to dig up the critics reviews for Game of Thrones Season 1, and they are quite an interesting read. We have picked some of the most interesting ones. Check them out, below :

The Wall Street Journal

“We’re back to the familiar favorites of the infantile, e.g. spurting blood and gore, bastard sons, evil vixens, blond nymphets, quasi-lesbian action, crude talk among men about their private parts, incest, rough couplings, and more random bare breasts than any other contender in the adolescent-boy-action-show contest this month.” – Nancy deWolf Smith

The New York Times

“Game of Thrones serves up a lot of confusion in the name of no larger or really relevant idea beyond sketchily fleshed-out notions that war is ugly, families are insidious, and power is hot.” – Ginia Bellafante

New York Daily News

“When you’re three episodes into a series and still unsure which member of which family holds which nominal role in which ruling household, you may start asking whether the effort is worth the payback.” – David Hinckley

The Washington Post

“It is possible to admire Game of Thrones for its sincerity and clarity of purpose — its utter devotion to form and detail — while the rest of your TV brain struggles to keep pace with what happens …

The eternal question is, are you up for the journey? It’s about becoming (or not becoming) the kind of viewer who can sign on to such a daunting amount of Dark Ages hoo-hah.” – Hank Stuever

USA Today

“It’s all very well told and well acted, but those who insist on comparing it to The Lord of the Rings are setting up expectations Game cannot possibly match …

“Game is just that: an ever-more-complicated contest for power among powerful people of various shades of gray, with the common people suffering to one degree or another no matter the outcome. It’s a popular story, but it lacks the joyous force and universal appeal of Rings.” – Robert Blanco

New York Post

“The art direction, acting, and incredible sets are as breathtaking as the massive scope of the series. A bit slow at first, but it’s a grabber once you get into it.”

In this galaxy far, far away, it’s all intrigue, warring, and whoring. No wonder it’s a fantasy! Bring on the beer and chips.” – Linda Stasi


“Game of Thrones excels on multiple levels — with its splendid ensemble cast (able to sell even the clunkier fantasy dialogue), intricate palace machinations, sly humor, and growing sense of inevitable conflict.

“The production’s look is a wonder, showcasing a variety of environments (lensing was in Northern Ireland and Malta) and ornate sets and costumes that approximate the feel of a theatrical blockbuster.” – Brian Lowry


“Watching Game of Thrones is like falling into a gorgeous, stained tapestry. This epic, unflinching fantasy noir takes our preconceptions of chivalry, nobility, and magic and gets medieval on them.” – James Poniewozik

Entertainment Weekly

“The series stars actors as striking and varied as Sean Bean, Peter Dinklage, and Lena Headey. Just as impressive, it nearly always maintains a narrative pace that keeps you engaged even during the talky parts …

“Stick with it. Free your eyes to take in the spectacle, and your brain will magically start following the intricate storytelling. And there’s a magical realism to Game of Thrones.” – Ken Tucker

The Hollywood Reporter

“It’s a fantasy series shouldn’t scare anyone away, because — like Lord of the Rings — there’s a real allure to costume-dramas that pair dense mythology with all of the crowd-pleasing elements of war, honor, pride, lust, power and, yes, even humor.

“Thrones has all of those in spades and supports them with exceptional storytelling, strong writing, superb acting and some stunning visual effects.” – Tim Goodman

Well, you can check out the full compilation, here. What did you think about the initial response for Game of Thrones? Tell us in the comments, down below!

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