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Here are the details you might have missed during the Game of Thrones season 7 premiere opening credits



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Game of Thrones season 7 is here and it feels exciting to see all the characters back again and also to come across all the minute details that are hidden in the show. We recently posted an article about the details that you might have missed in Game of Thrones season 7 episode 1 and now we are back with another article that talks about the changes in the the opening credits of the season 7 premiere and we will also clear some doubts that many fans were having with regards to the Baratheon Stag on King’s Landing.

1. It’s the first time we haven’t visited Essos

Daenerys finally reached Westeros in Game of Thrones season 7 and with it we seem to have lost all ties with Essos. So far in the series, we have visited Essos in every episode, be it Pentos, Astapor, Yunkai, Meereen, Vaes Dothrakh, Braavos and or any other place in Essos. The opening credits ensure that whatever happens, in every episode they will show King’s Landing and the place where Daenerys is present. As a result, even if some episode didn’t feature Daenerys Targaryen in it, we still visited her location during the opening credits.

However, she now has left Essos and unless there are some unexpected scenes involving Daario, we doubt that we will get to see Essos in the opening credits.

2. Dragonstone makes a return after season 4

The last time we saw Dragonstone during the opening credits was way back in season 4. Dragonstone was under Stannis’ control since the start of the series, but he decided to move North to fight the true war. Since then there has been no one at Dragonstone and now that Daenerys has arrived at Dragonstone, it makes a return to the opening credits.

Even though Samwell reached the Citadel in the previous season, we didn’t get to see Oldtown during the opening credits. We finally got to see the Hightower and the astrolabe during the opening credits and it looked amazing. It’s interesting to see that the opening credits features a huge astrolabe and then when we reach Oldtown, we get to see it’s miniature inside the Citadel.

This certainly makes us wonder, if the entire story is being narrated by some maester, and there are theories which suggest that it might be Samwell who might be narrating the entire story.

However, that not all. Elastic, the company which makes these opening credits pictured it as the work of “a mad monk in a tower somewhere.”

Now that we have talked about the changes in the opening credits, let’s talk about one change that people were expecting but it never happened. You must’ve have guessed that we are going to talk about the presence of the Baratheon Stag on King’s Landing.

In the season 6 finale, we saw that Cersei was crowned as “Cersei of House Lannister” and as a result, many people expected to see the Lannister Lion on King’s Landing during the season 7 opening credits, but they soon saw that the Stag was still present on King’s Landing and this confused many people. To know why this happened, we must first understand that when it comes to a royal dynasty, the name can’t be gained or lost by means of a marriage as it acts as a title for the person.

That’s why when Elia Martell married Rhaegar, she didn’t become a Targaryen. Same is the case with Margaery, who retained her Tyrell name even after marrying Tommen Baratheon and the same applies to Cersei Lannister. Even though they are a part of the royal family, they can’t use the name of the royal family. That’s why during the coronation, Cersei was crowned as Cersei of House Lannister, even though she continued to be a part of the Baratheon family.

In case Cersei dies, the throne won’t pass on to Jaime, Tyrion or any other Lannister family member, but to a Baratheon and that’s why we still continue to see the Baratheon Stag on King’s Landing as the Lannister’s didn’t defeat or overthrow the Baratheons to take control of King’s Landing. The Iron Throne just went to the wife of Robert Baratheon.

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