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13 details you might have missed in the Game of Thrones season 7 premiere



It’s been a day since the Game of Thrones Season 7 episode 1 released and it had some really exciting scenes and it felt nice to see the characters who we love so much, back in action. Arya Stark stole the show when she finally avenged the Red Wedding by killing the Freys and the scene with Ed Sheeran was also good. We came to know that the White Walkers have giants in their Wight army, Cersei and Euron are going to work together, Samwell found out some very important information and also came across Jorah Mormont. We even saw some friction between Jon and Sansa and it was fun to see Tormund trying his luck with Brienne once again, the Hound showed his softer side and let’s not forget about the feisty Lyanna Mormont, who made it clear that you never tell her what to do.

As usual, hidden in these scenes were some important and interesting details that many people might miss. We have compiled a list of important things from the first episode that you might have missed.

1. Parallel between Arya and Sansa

The episode started with a feast at the Twins where Arya, while wearing the mask of Walder Frey invited all the important Freys and murdered them with poisoned wine. Once the work was done, left the place like a boss, but while walking away, she had a straight face and in the end, there was a smile on her face. This reminded me of Sansa, as she did the same thing when Ramsay’s hounds started eating him. She started walking away with a straight face and at the last moment, there was a smile on her face.

Both the Stark sisters killed the people who caused great damage to their house and their reactions after taking revenge were exactly the same.

2. Oldtown got added to the opening credits

Every time we visit a new place in Game of Thrones, we get to see it during the opening credits. During the season 7 premiere, we finally got to see Oldtown and the Citadel during the opening credits and it looked simply beautiful.

Even though we have visited Oldtown during Game of Thrones season 6 finale, it wasn’t shown during the opening credits. So in this episode, we got a new addition to the cities shown in the opening credits.

3. The White Walkers and the storm

During the season 6 finale, when some of the lords started thinking about going back to their castles, as the war with the Boltons was over, Jon Snow warned them that the war was not over and he said, “The true enemy won’t wait out the storm. He brings the storm.”

In this episode we saw the Night King and his army marching and before we got the first glimpse of them, we saw a storm that was moving with them. Jon Snow wasn’t just talking about it metaphorically, he literally meant it.

4. Sansa’s admiration for Cersei

During the episode, we saw friction between Jon Snow and Sansa Stark and while they were talking about what happened in the Great Hall, Maester Wolkan brought a message that arrived from King’s Landing.

That’s when Sansa warned Jon that he should not ignore Cersei Lannister as she knows how she is. “You’re the military man, but I know her. If you’re her enemy, she’ll never stop until she’s destroyed you. Everyone who’s ever crossed her she’s found a way to murder,” said Sansa and that’s when Jon replied, “You almost sound as if you admire her.

I learned a great deal from her,” is what Sansa says in return. Now let’s have a close look at Sansa’s hairstyle and take a look at Cersei’s hairstyle from the earlier seasons.

It’s clear that Sansa admires Cersei a lot and is even having the same hairstyle. Is it possible that she becomes somewhat similar to Cersei in the coming episodes, now that we have seen that she’s not entirely happy with the way Jon Snow is running things and then we also have Littlefinger to push her to the other side.

5. Euron’s gift

Cersei invites Euron Greyjoy to King’s Landing so that he can join forces with her. However, Euron asks Cersei to marry him, in return for all the ships that he will provide her to fight against Daenerys Targaryen. When Cersei refuses his offer, he tells her that he will only return when he brings a gift for her. Now let’s take a look at the description of the 3rd episode of this season, Queen’s Justice:

Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) holds court. Cersei (Lena Headey) returns a gift. Jaime (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) learns from his mistakes.”

So we now know that Euron will be back in King’s Landing in the 3rd episode with his gift, but Cersei will refuse it. For those who are wondering what the gift might be, check our article about season 7 filming (SPOILER ALERT!).

6. The book in the restricted section of the Citadel

Samwell is at the Citadel so that he can learn how to fight against the White Walkers. However, he’s only cleaning poop and doing work that will no way help him and he always keeps on looking at all the books in the restricted section of the Citadel, that can help him in learning more about the ways of defeating the White Walkers. In the scene, we see Saw staring at an open book

It appears that the book talks about seasons in their world but a reddit user pointed out that the diagram that we see in the book is a diagram of the phases of the Moon by an Iranian scholar, Al-Biruni, who was born way back in 973 AD! His diagram shows the phases of the Moon and indicates that the Moon revolves around the Earth and the Earth around the Sun.

7. The Harry Potter reference

During the scene between Samwell Tarly and Archmaester Ebrose, who is played by Harry Potter alum Jim Broadbent, Sam requests for access to the restricted section of the library, which is denied. This seems to be a reference to the Restricted section of the Hogwarts’ library, which contained books about Dark Magic. In Harry Potter, Tom Riddle asks Professor Slughorn for access to the Restricted section of the library and the character of Slughorn is played by Jim Broadbent!

8. Ed Sheeran sang about Tyrion and Shae

In the episode we get to see the much hyped cameo of Ed Sheeran and Arya hears him singing a song which she doesn’t seem to recognize. However, book readers will be able to identify this song, which is named, “Hands of Gold,” and this song has an interesting back story.

He rode through the streets of the city,

Down from his hill on high,

O’er the wynds and the steps and the cobbles,

He rode to a woman’s sigh.

For she was his secret treasure,

She was his shame and his bliss.

And a chain and a keep are nothing,

Compared to a woman’s kiss

For hands of gold are always cold,

But a woman’s hands are warm

This song was Symon Silver Tongue, who knows about Tyrion’s secret relationship with Shae and he tries to blackmail Tyrion with this song to make sure his demands are met. However, Tyrion doesn’t like being blackmailed by a singer and asks Bronn to kill him.

The Hands of Gold refers to Tyrion’s golden chain which he wears when he’s the Hand of the King and it’s the same chain that he uses to kill Shae.

9. Hound has met the dead farmer and his daughter before

The Hound and the Brotherhood Without Banners reach a house and the Hound is reluctant to go inside it even though it’s freezing outside. It turns out, it’s the same house where the Hound and Arya stayed in season 4. The farmer and his daughter Sally give Arya and Hound food to eat and also let’s them stay in his house. However, the next morning the Hound robs the farmer and tells Arya that they are weak and when Winter comes, he and his daughter Sally will die.

It turns out he was true but he is also responsible for their deaths as Beric Dondarrion deduces that the farmer took his and her daughter’s life as they were starving and took their lives rather than starving in the Winter.

10. The Gravedigger

Helen Sloan/HBO

The Gravedigger is a popular theory among the book readers and it felt nice to see that the latest episode had a reference to this theory. In the books, the Hound is still considered to be dead, but when Brienne and her companions arrive at the moanestry on the Quiet Isle, she notices a person who’s bigger than her and is digging a grave. The person is wearing a scarf on his face and it’s difficult to see his face and he limps and is freiendly with a dog. All this made the book readers believe that this person was the Hound.

11. Valyrian steel dagger

While Samwell is going through the book which he stole from the Citadel, he comes across a Valyrian steel dagger, which we have seen in the show before is has played an important role in the series. This dagger was used by an assassin in season 1, when he tried to kill Bran Stark and Littlefinger told Catelyn Stark that it belonged to Tyrion Lannister. She then she captured Tyrion and it set into motion the all the events that have occured in the series so far. The last time we saw the dagger was when Littlefinger betrayed Ned Stark.

This dagger is in possession of Petyr Baelish and a recent photoshoot featured the same dagger but it was in possession of Arya Stark and that has given rise to speculation that Arya might kill Littfinger in the season.

12. Samwell might have found the cure for Greyscale

While going through the book, Samwell comes across a map of Dragonstone, in which it is mentioned that there’s a mine filled with Dragonglass, under Dragonstone. However, on the opposite side of the page, there’s something interesting that has been mentioned about Dragonglass. The page is partially visible and it says that the stone was considered to be sacred and it also mentions that Dragonglass is a cure for something. Now, it’s highly possible that it’s talking about Greyscale. We know that Stannis lived on Dragonstone and his daughter Shireen had Greyscale, which was cured.

We also know that Dragonstone has a Dragonglass mine and some healer must’ve used the Dragonglass to cure Shireen. Dragonglass has magical properties as we came to know in the last season that the Children of the Forest inserted it inside Benjen Stark’s body to prevent him from turning into a Wight. We now know that Jorah Mormont is at the Citadel and Samwell might be the person who cures him of Greyscale.

13. Daenerys walks past the Dragonglass mine

In the episode we see Daenerys landing on Dragonstone and then she walks on the beach and reaches the gates of Dragonstone. However, if you look carefully, you can see cave like structures on her right side and the map of Dragonstone that Samwell found out, shows that it’s the same location where the Dragonglass mines are present on Dragonstone.

What do you think about these details? Let us know in the comments below.

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