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Helaena Targaryen foreshadows Aemond’s fate in House of the Dragon Episode 6




Episode six of House of the Dragon came with many new faces, older versions of the characters we had grown to love. After a decade-long time jump, we see Viserys and Alicent’s children have grown up. We had seen a glimpse of the teenage Aegon II in one of HBO’s promos for the series. But we finally see a scene with Helaena Targaryen (Evie Allen), unanimously loved by book fans. She gives a significant hint, making fans guess whether she is a Dreamer.

Close One Eye — Aemond One-Eye

adult aemond targaryen house of the dragon

Adult Aemond Targaryen

Helaena explains to her mother about a critter she has in her hand. She is fascinated as she describes its features to a bored Alicent. Suddenly a soot-covered Aemond is brought in. Aemond is the only one of the young boys not to have a dragon yet, and it’s made clear that it bothers him. When his mother reassures him, “You will have a dragon one day,” Helaena says, “He’ll have to close an eye,” seemingly talking to the centipede. This is a hint to what is to come for Aemond.

Aemond will soon be known as Aemond One-Eye as he loses one of his eyes in a fight with Lucerys Velaryon. The conflict occurs in the book Fire & Blood when Aemond hurts Joffrey Velaryon in an attempt to steal Vhagar. Joffrey’s cries alerted his older brothers, Jacaerys and Lucerys. In the altercation that followed between the Velaryon boys and Aemond, Lucerys put a dagger through Aemond’s eye. Later on, Aemond would consider losing an eye a fair trade because he gained Vhagar, the largest dragon alive.

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Is Helaena a Dreamer?

young helaena targaryen house of the dragon episode 6

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Dreamers can magically perceive the past or future. Fans question if Helaena can see the future because she also mentioned, “The last ring has no legs at all.” Can this be a call to the last king, Bran Stark, who was bound to his wheelchair? Or is she referring to Aegon II who becomes King and also loses his ability to walk? Helaena had no power of prophecy in the book. She was known as a sweet girl, loved by all. If the show continues this angle, it would undoubtedly provide more depth to her character. Comment below and let us know what you think of Helaena so far.

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