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Critic says House of the Dragon Episode 6 is the best one so far



criston cole and aegon ty tennant


House Of The Dragon Episode 6 will have a big time jump that will take viewers ten years into the future. Along with new actors playing the existing characters, there will also be several new characters. The question is: will this affect the great cast chemistry that the show has had up to this point? And will it disrupt the flow of the story?

The short answer is no, it wouldn’t. The showrunners have done a great job of introducing the new characters in a way that doesn’t jar with the established relationships and dynamics between the existing characters. If anything, it adds another layer of depth to the show. As for the story, it remains engaging and exciting despite the time jump.

In this regard, a critic reviewed the show‘s upcoming episode and called it “the best episode of the show so far.”

He mentioned that

Got to check out #HouseOfTheDragon episode 6 and this is the best episode of the show so far. Feels like an absolute GOT classic from the opening to the end. They introduce the new actors really well and have some big gut punches at the end.”

Episode 6 will focus on the Dragons

a young dragon following jacaerys' commans

Sources are mentioning that House Of The Dragon Episode 6 will do something that very few other episodes in the series have done – it will really focus on the dragons. And it will pay off because they look amazing. Fans will get to see them flying, eating, and even getting close-ups that show a range of emotions. The viewers might find themselves getting emotional about what one particular dragon is going through. So get ready to shed some tears!

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