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HBO releases new Game of Thrones Season 7 behind the scenes footage from Iceland and Spain



Few days ago HBO had released a behind the scenes video from Game of Thrones season 7 and it was titled, A Story of Cloth. The video featured Michele Clapton, who’s the costume designer for Game of Thrones and she talked about her journey and her work and it also included some really interesting footage from the upcoming season. Do take a look at the things that we spotted in the video.

Now, HBO Nordic has released a new Game of Thrones season 7 behind the scenes video and it contains footage from Iceland and Spain. Unfortunately for many people (including us), the video isn’t available to watch in our country. You can watch it on Twitter as Moviestar has made it available with Spanish dubbing, which makes it difficult to listen to what the cast and crew are talking about. Luckily for us, someone uploaded the original video on YouTube and there are no geographical restrictions on this video. So enjoy the latest behind the scenes video below:

Compared to the previous behind the scenes footage that was released, this video doesn’t reveal any important footage from the upcoming season. However, there are few scenes which give us an idea about what to expect, considering the photos that were published online from these locations when filming was going on. The video basically talks about how wonderful it was to shoot parts of the season in Iceland and Spain and it also gives you a look at some of the beautiful locations which were used for filming the season.

We are going to focus on the scenes that have been shown in the video and try to understand what might be happening.

We first see Kit Harington and Kristofer Hivju in Iceland filming scenes beyond the Wall. Iceland has been mostly used to film the lands beyond the North and this just confirms that in the trailer, Jon Snow, Tormund and gang are at some location which is beyond the Wall, when something (Read: White Walkers) attacks them and they are seen running away as quickly as they can.

In the above photo we can see a group of people, which seems to include Tormund and Jon Snow walking on a snowy field. We tried to zoom in to see if we could identify someone interesting, but the image quality isn’t that good.

It’s interesting to see they a scene has been filmed in an ice cave in Iceland. We don’t know what is going to happen but it will be interesting if Jon Snow and friends stumble across an ice cave where they discover something important.

In another shot, we can see Tormund with a rope and an axe.

Going South, we see Tyrion staring at something in the sky, in front of a green screen. It has to be a Dragon!

Daenerys Targeryen bends to pick up some sand on the beach. This must be the scene when she first lands at Dragonstone. This will be the first time she has set foot on Westeros, since she was smuggled away from Dragonstone to protect her from falling into Robert Baratheon’s hands. Daenerys was born here and it definitely will be an emotional moment for her.

The video also contains the interview of Nikolaj Coster-Waldau who is filming at Los Barruecos in Spain and this is going to be a really huge scene. You an check filming photos of this scene. We warn you that the post contains spoilers.

Emilia Clarke is also present in Los Barruecos and it does seem that Daenerys and Jaime Lannister might meet each other in the battle scene which we saw in the trailer.

The video also shows us few shots from the Italica, which was used to shoot a major scene. We again warn you that the post contains spoilers from season 7 filming. So be careful before you open the link.

The video also features Jerome Flynn (Bronn), Nathalie Emmanuel (Missandei), Jacob Anderson (Grey Worm) but the scenes don’t reveal any information. What do you think about these behind the scene shots? If you have some information that we have missed, do use the comments below.

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