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HBO has posted a live video to announce Game of Thrones season 7 premiere date!



This has to be the most anticipated moment for Game of Thrones fans. Game of Thrones’ facebook page has just uploaded a live video which will reveal the Game of Thrones season 7 premiere date! We are freaking out right now and we are sure all Game of Thrones fans are going through the same thing. 2 hours ago the facebook page posted a video announcing that we would soon get to know the premiere date and the fans just started going crazy.

Game of Thrones posted a live video on it’s facebook page and asked the fans to type FIRE in the comments section and the date would be revealed and the fans did that and sadly nothing happened and soon the video was pulled down. However, we now have another live video in which Game of Thrones stars are appearing once in a while asking the fans to type FIRE in the comments section. We don’t know when the date will be revealed but it can be any time soon and the suspense is killing us.

Watch the live video below:

[UPDATE] : The 2nd live video got over as well and now we have a third one. Watch the latest live video below

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