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Watch the trailer for Game of Thrones season 7 episode 3, “The Queen's Justice”



Game of Thrones delivered an exciting 2nd episode and we loved watching the reunions, the meeting between Daenerys and Melisandre, Qyburn‘s latest weapon to kill the Dragons, Samwell’s adventures at the Citadel eand not to forget, the epic battle at the end of the episode. Now, HBO has released the trailer for the next episode, “The Queen’s Justice,” and it promises us one of the most awaited moments in the show’s history! Yes, Jon Snow is finally going to meet Daenerys Targaryen in the next episode. Take a look at the trailer below:

The trailer begins with Daenerys standing at the entrance of Dragonstone and it seems she’s looking at some one. We find out who that person is by the end of the trailer. Back in King’s Landing, Euron returns with his gift. After watching the latest episode, we know that it’s going to be Yara Greyjoy, Ellaria and Tyene Sand. If you look carefully, you can see Yara Greyjoy in the crowd.

Cersei seems to be very pleased as she has gained an upper hand even right at the start of the war and she rightfully says, “The war’s already begun. I’ve drawn first blood.” We are then shown a scene of Jon Snow and Ser Davos landing at Dragonstone and then being escorted to meet Daenerys. Tyrion warns that Cersei will be expecting them to attack and he might be talking about Casterly Rock as we can see Grey Worm and the Unsullied attacking Casterly Rock.

Sansa, who’s now the acting head of Winterfell and the North, takes a stroll in the Godswood, Jaime is also walking somewhere but it’s difficult to identify the location and Euron Greyjoy presents his gifts in front of a packed hall.

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Finally, the trailer shows us the most important scene in the end. Jon Snow and Ser Davos walk into the Throne Room at Dragonstone and see Daenerys for the first time, sitting on her throne. What are your thoughts about this trailer? Let us know in the comments below.

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