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A fan explains why Hot Pie is the real villain of Game of Thrones season 7



Game of Thrones Season 7 saw a lot of things happen. The Starks finally reunited, we saw Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen finally meet, Viserion die and be reborn as a zombie dragon, and we saw a giant chunk of the Wall collapse.

Now, we might have pegged the Night King as the worst character of the season, having killed Viserion, and all, with Cersei Lannister a close second, but we might have had it totally wrong. A fan recently pointed out how the worst character of the season was actually Hot Pie. Read on!

Now, the observation of course, hinges on Hot Pie’s Season 7 appearance. If you remember, Arya Stark stops by to meet Hot Pie on her way to King’s Landing, but Hot Pie tells her that Jon Snow is now the King in the North, making Arya change her course. Redditor abdo0000 explained how this caused a major shift in the trajectory of the story in Season 7 :

Yes,Hot pie is the reason behind All of this.

Its all because of him , If he didn’t tell Arya that Winterfell is under Stark’s control,Cersei could e dead now Jon and his company won’t get a white a walker They won’t go beyond the wall , Visereon would be alive,The wall won’t fall

And all Westeros would be united against the Night King .

YES ! It’s Hotpie’s fault

It does make sense. Had Arya headed to King’s Landing, she could have killed Cersei with some luck, which was her intention in traveling to King’s Landing, and in turn, Viserion wouldn’t have died, and the fight against the dead would have been much easier.

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What do you think about this? It’s definitely more acceptable than the time somebody said Hot Pie is Azor Ahai. Got any more Hot Pie theories? Tell us in the comments, down below!

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