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HBO Chief says Game of Thrones prequel House of The Dragon ‘Is Looking Spectacular'



The year 2021 has been an exceptional one for Game of Thrones fans all over the world. The show ended about two years ago, and HBO is keen on continuing the legacy of the fantastical universe. House of The Dragon is already on its wheels; the first prequel that will be aired in 2022. The series was teased in HBO’s amazing programming line-up for 2021-22. The casting for various key characters has already been done. With the tables all set, the television giant is already looking forward to expanding the Game of Thrones universe. It seems like wooing their lost audience back is their top priority.

In a recent interview with Variety, HBO Chief Casey Bloys made it very clear no other spinoff shows have received the green flag so far. House of The Dragon is the only one they are currently shooting. Bloys told Variety that he has been surprised by the number of people who believe that there are multiple Game of Thrones-related series in active production. George R.R. Martin is helping to oversee development on at least six other projects, including an animated series.


House of the Dragon is the only one shooting,” Bloys says. “All the other ones are in various stages of development. People may think we have 10 series shooting at the moment. There’s one that will be on the air in 2022. We’ll see how the other scripts come along.” Bloys wasn’t giving out any spoilers but he likes what he’s seen of the dailies so far. “It looks spectacular,” he said. “The cast that (Sapochnik) and Ryan have put together looks good.”

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Game of Thrones was the greatest TV show of the 21st century. Hence, comparisons are likely to occur. The fantasy series has often been weighed up against other epics like The Lord of The Rings and Star Wars. Both the series have won multiple awards in their respective categories. Neil Marshall, who directed two of the finest episodes on Game of Thrones, the second season’s ‘Blackwater’ and the fourth season’s ‘The Watchers on the Wall‘, recently talked about the comparisons in an interview.

Talking to the Den of Geek, Marshall said, “I came to it [Game of Thrones] almost entirely because of Centurion. I proved that I could do a battle sequence on a lower budget with just so many resources in a short amount of time. They needed somebody to do ‘Blackwater’ who had done something like that. I was available and close, and I’d done that and proved it. A lot of my crew from Centurion went to work on Game of Thrones, so they brought in a lot of feature film people to do this TV series out in Belfast.”

I think it was very similar to what Pete Jackson did with Lord of the Rings,” Marshall says. “They went to this faraway place that really didn’t have much of an infrastructure, and they built a studio from the ground up and spent the next 10 years in Belfast, making Game of Thrones what it is today. But at the beginning, it was seen very differently. I think it was seen as the great experiment.”

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Game of Thrones was infamous for killing off some of the best fan-favourite characters. These deaths helped to generate motive and a sense of revenge in the story. One of the first main characters to die was Sean Bean’s Lord Eddard (Ned) Stark. Ned’s death sparked a series of events that forged the path of many key players. However, much to everyone’s surprise, Sean Bean hasn’t watched the show ever since his character died on it.

In an interview with The Times, the veteran actor was asked if the Starks’ internalised kingdom withdrawing from the rest of the continent was similar to Brexit. Bean responded and admitted that he didn’t keep up with the show after his character Stark was killed off.


He simply said, “No. What happened?” when asked if he had seen the last episode. The reporter asking the question was concerned as that they didn’t want to give away any spoilers. Just in case Bean wanted to watch Game of Thrones in its entirety at some point.

“I’ll have forgotten by then, go on,” Bean insisted. The Game of Thrones ending was then explained to him. He learned how Bran became king of Westeros and how Sansa went on to become queen of the North.

Bean said, “So did Winterfell stay separate? Oh, good for them.”

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There are roles an actor plays that define them for the rest of their lives. The character becomes a part of their identity. There are many examples from the fantasy epic Game of Thrones; some of the actors have even grown up with their characters. Liam Cunningham, better known in the Game of Thrones world as Ser Davos Seaworth, had initially rejected the offer to be on the show. Now, the fans can’t even imagine anyone else playing the role so perfectly. In an interview with the Sunday World, the veteran actor told how he almost missed out on the opportunity.


When I was first contacted about being on Game of Thrones, I said very quickly that I was not interested,” he reveals. “Then I read the script, I realised it was a story of power, legacy and paranoia, with the fantasy and dragons just a powerful backdrop for a fantastic drama. It was great to play Davos for as long as I did. I really liked him and the quality of the writing on the show was fantastic. I loved playing the role, but all good things come to an end.”

Offers have been flowing in for Cunningham since he shot his last scene on Game of Thrones. The most recent being Sky Atlantic’s epic new show Domina.

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