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George R. R. Martin reveals which Game of Thrones character was the hardest to kill for him



George R.R. Martin

Renowned author George R.R. Martin is no stranger to the art of killing off characters. His acclaimed series is notorious for its unflinching approach to mortality, leaving readers in a constant state of anticipation and uncertainty. However, amidst the bloodshed and intrigue, Martin once revealed a surprising revelation similar to the hardest character for him to write — the most difficult character he had to kill off.

Most difficult Character to kill for George R. R. Martin

George RR Martin on the Hardest Character to Kill in Game of Thrones

In the interview, Martin was asked a couple of questions, the first one being:

“What was the character that was the most difficult so far to kill off for you?

He answered:

The hardest character to kill off. Well, you know, they’re not really hard to kill off. I swat them; they die like flies. You know most of the major deaths have been planned since I began this series back in the early 90s, but sometimes things are hard to write now. Of course, if you’re just talking about the show, you’ve only seen a few major deaths so far.  Those of you who read the books know that some other deaths are coming to the big sequence. In the third book, the wedding was the hardest thing that I ever wrote; that was very difficult to do.

The struggle with writing the red wedding

The Red Wedding

Credit: HBO

George R. R. Martin then revealed that writing the red wedding was an incredibly painful task. To the extent that he had to reserve it as the final part of writing in A Storm of Swords:

It was the last thing I wrote in that particular book, even though it occurs two-thirds of the way through the book. I had to skip over that chapter and finish the whole rest of the book, and then finally, when it was all done, I came back and made myself write that chapter because it was emotionally wrenching to write even as I know it was for many of you to read, but that’s the way I think death should be in fiction.”

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