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Hannah Waddingham demands trial by combat while participating in writers’ strike



There were many noteworthy characters in Game of Thrones, and even if they were only featured briefly on television, some of them had an enduring impression on the viewers. Hannah Waddingham, an Emmy-winning actress, delighted in every second of portraying the well-known “Shame” nun during Cersei’s atonement walk. And her love for the series can be seen in her WGA protest banners as well.

How did Hannah Waddingham participate in the WGA protest?

Waddingham stood in solidarity with the writers, and was seen with her ‘Ted Lasso’ cast and crew on the picket line waving a banner over her head. Her banner made a Game of Thrones reference, which said, “Will fight for fair deal, bring forth your champion.” The picture was also uploaded to her Twitter account.

What is Trial by Combat?

According to Game of Thrones lore, a convicted person on trial can choose judgment by combat, where either them or a ‘champion’ chosen by them has to fight a champion chosen by the accuser to death. Famous examples from Game of Thrones belong to Tyrion Lannister, where he once chose Bronn to fight for him at Vale, and the second time when Oberyn Martell chooses to fight for him.

Despite almost drowning in her Game of Thrones “wine-boarding” sequence, Hannah Waddingham was proud of it

Even though the sequence was challenging to film, Waddingham admitted in an interview a few years later that she would have done it again without hesitation.

She said, “What I said at the end of it that wasn’t picked up on, as I would 100% do it again. Because being given the chance to be on something like Game Of Thrones, you have to go there.”

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“That’s why the show is so magnificent, because it brings everybody out, it takes everyone to the nth degree of their emotions. And that’s why it was so successful because you believe it, you believe the gore and you believe the tragedy and the drama.”

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