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George R.R. Martin would love to do a novella about Rhaenyra Targaryen and Harwin Strong’s relationship




George R. R. Martin is the most in-demand author in the world right now. His popularity exploded after HBO adapted his A Song of Ice and Fire novel series for Game of Thrones, with a prequel show House of The Dragon currently making headlines. The Martinverse is a vast imaginary ecosystem and the prequel series is just a part of it, but exploring even that portion ultimately needs time and a couple more seasons.

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Fans have often wondered how Rhaenyra Targaryen and Harwin Strong’s relationship actually came to being. Martin recently confessed in an interview with Penguin Random House that he actually had that thought before. He said:

“You know virtually everything in Fire & Blood, all the histories, there’s part of me that would love to flesh them out a little more. Tell the full story in the form of a novella or a novel. We saw even more of that in the TV show. We had 10 episodes. People have said that time jumps were jarring to them and you know Rhaenyra’s relationship with Harwin Strong, she had 3 children with him but we never get to see them get together for the first time or a kiss. We never see when they first slept with each other. We don’t know exactly what has happened and how he felt about that and how Laenor felt about him.”

“There’s a whole story there. At least a novella, maybe a novel but we simply did not have the time to tell it. And it did not fit the format of my history book. But it’s a story and I’d love to do that.”

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