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George R. R. Martin says House of the Dragon Season 2 might release by April 2024




House of the Dragon season one finished on an epic note. And now, fans can not wait for the show’s next season. After the season finale, House of the Dragon trended at number one on Twitter for ten hours. Unfortunately, George R.R. Martin, the author of Fire & Blood, confirmed that it will probably be April 2024 before we see season 2.

A Conversation with George R R  Martin | A Celebration of the Targaryen Dynasty

The author said this at the announcement of The Rise of the Dragon, in a conversation with David Anthony Durham for a Celebration of Targaryen History, the author addressed the eagerly awaited season 2. He tells Durham, “To see that, sadly, yes, you have to wait. You have to probably have to wait until 2024.” Martin explains further, “This show is so big I don’t think we can have it ready next year in 2023. […] Ideally, the new season would come on in August a year later, but it’s too big we can’t do it.”

Sprinkling a little bit of hope, he continues, “Now it may not be a full two years maybe, come 2024, we’ll be able to bring it on in like April or May instead of August, but I don’t think it’s much chance it’s going to be before that.” Considering the number of dragons and new locations they have to prepare the graphics for, it’s fair. But, with a two-year wait being almost unbearable, many new audiences are already turning to the book to know what will happen next.

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