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George R.R. Martin reveals the topic he wished to explore more in his Game of Thrones novels




Game of Thrones may have been the most well-liked and contentious television program in the past decade. The fantasy epic, which also had a gripping story and excellent CGI, was well-recognized for its blatant nudity. Many viewers who were outraged by the sex scenes questioned how the show dealt with the subject of sex. The show’s creator George R. R. Martin revealed his desire to go more into the subject in his books during a previous interview with Time Magazine.

George R. R. Martin wanted to explore more topics about women’s exploitation in Westeros

When asked about which topic he feels like he should’ve talked about more, Martin said, “I suppose there are issues we could have explored more with the whole question of sexual violence and women — it’s a complicated and fraught issue. To re-address that point a little, I do a lot of book signings, and I think I have probably more women readers than male readers right now. Only slightly, but it’s probably 55 percent, 45 percent, but I see women readers at things and they love my women characters.”

George R. R. Martin loves his female characters

Martin expressed how proud he was of his female characters, “I’m very proud of the creation of Arya and Catelyn and Sansa and Brienne and Daenerys and Cersei and all of them. It’s one of the things that gives me the most satisfaction, that they’ve been so well-received as characters, especially by women readers who are often not served.”

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