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George R. R. Martin to be the Guest of Honour at TitanCon 2019



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By Rahul Jadhav

The TitanCon website recently announced that George R. R. Martin had been decided upon as the Guest of Honour for the TitanCon 2019. Now, this comes as more of a surprise especially as the author behind the epic saga A Song of Ice and Fire, the novels on which Game of Thrones is based upon, had been working on the development of his latest book, The Wands of Winter and has taken complete solace from public appearances until it is finished. This brings up a lot of questions and theories for the die-hard fans of the series who love to read his books in addition to watching the Game of Thrones series.

One of such theories suggests that Martin will probably be unveiling his new book at the TitanCon 2019 held in Belfast, Northern Ireland. That theory seems quite plausible because of how he has already been keeping off public appearances as of late and has suddenly accepted to be the guest of honour at the TitanCon this year. Another similar theory suggests that he has already finished the book and has simply given it to the publishers for publishing and is hence appearing at the convention. Both of these theories suggest the completion of the book, which is quite plausible even though it may seem like jumping to conclusions in eager anticipation of reading the canon version of what happens in the fictional saga.

However, critics of these theories argue that the author has been the author of other books apart from The Song of Ice and Fire saga and that these books are based on Science Fiction, which is exactly what this year’s TitanCon is all about. Furthermore, Martin never lets off a chance to attend the WorldCon, which is another Science Fiction Convention where the Hugo prize is awarded. And it just so happens that the prize is something which Martin takes a keen interest in.

This year’s TitanCon is rather special because it is also playing host to this year’s EuroCon, a European Science Fiction Convention which attaches itself to another convention wherever it can. That also seems to be a thing of interest for the author of the saga. The WorldCon is set to be held in Dublin, Ireland from August 15 to 19, while the Pop Culture TitanCon is set to be held near Belfast, Northern Ireland as always from August 22 to 25.

While both theories may have weight behind them, what most fan theories are overlooking is the fact the TitanCon has always been closely related to the Game of Thrones franchise ever since it started and stuck by its side ever since then. For Geroge R. R. Martin, this might as well be just a visit to the convention to mark the end of the dramatisation of his novels with the final season of Game of Thrones set to release this April 14.

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All things considered, nothing can be said for sure at this point in time amidst all the hype and theories of fans unable to hold their excitement in, which is rightfully so. All things shall be unveiled first with the Season 8 of Game of Thrones this April and then with the onset TitanCon 2019 this August.

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