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George R.R. Martin talks about his earliest inspirations for writing on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert



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George R.R. Martin is once again in the talks with his latest book ‘Fire and Blood’ – a Targaryen family account written from the point of view of a Citadel Archmaester. Though the book is just a prequel to ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’, yet the book is said to have numerous references from the main series. The binge-readers have already begun their jobs and George is busy promoting his latest work. He recently appeared on the Late Show for the same.

In his conversation with the anchor Stephen Colbert, George first talked about his earliest inspirations for writing ranging from his childhood pet turtles to his favourite ‘Lord of the Rings’ trilogy written by J.R.R. Tolkien. Upon Colbert’s shocking reaction to the book being 700-pages-long and the only the first instalment to the intended Targaryen family history series, George explained that the last 300 years had many Targaryen kings and he has dealt with the account of every one of them.

Yet, George hasn’t completed the Winds of Winter. Upon being indirectly asked the same, George said:

“First I have to finish the Winds of Winter, and then maybe [second half of Fire and Blood], maybe ‘A Dream of Spring’, maybe more Dunk and Egg stories – there’s a lot of stuff to write! So, I should actually get home and get to work, I guess.”

Yet, I’m confident enough that Winds of Winter will be the next-in-line from George! Lastly, George went on to discuss the absence of romance and female Orcs from Tolkien’s works with Colbert. Watch the full interview of the author here:

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