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George R.R. Martin reveals his favorite character from House of The Dragon




Game of Thrones author George R. R. Martin has been building his fantasy world since the ’90s. And it’s ever-growing. And the fandom grows along with it, welcoming new audiences through the shows – Game of Thrones, and its prequel, House of The Dragon. Both the shows had an amazing cast, winning multiple awards for their performances. Episode 8 marked the last appearance of Paddy Considine as King Viserys, and not only the viewers, but Martin himself was in awe of his performance.

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In a recent video clip released by HBO Max, Martin answers several popular fan questions about House of The Dragon. One of the questions being who Martin’s favorite characters are from Fire & Blood and House of The Dragon respectively, to which he replies:

“Those are tricky questions because that’s like asking, “Well which one of your children do you love the most?” Daemon Targaryen, the Rogue Prince, is one of my favorite Targaryens. He’s very charismatic, he’s very changeable. You never know what he’s gonna do, what side he’s gonna come up on. Is he going to do something appalling, or is he going to do something heroic? He does both in the course of this and I like complexity in my characters.”

“King Viserys Targaryen the First, as portrayed by Paddy Considine in the show, is better than the way I wrote him in Fire & Blood. He’s stronger but still conflicted. He’s more of a tragic figure. He has King Lear aspects, if I may dare say that.”

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