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Game of Thrones stars Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams get matching tattoos



Game of Thrones has begun its initial filming in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and after the sightings of major stars of the show in the city, including Maisie Williams (Arya Stark) and Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark), the sightings continue. The stars are going around the town and having outings together, and Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner, the resident best friends of the Game of Thrones cast, have stolen the show with their adventures.

Sophie and Maisie have shared a few pictures on their respective Instagrams about their outings in Belfast, and one of them was where Maisie got herself a tattoo when the two were out for shopping and stopped at a tattoo parlour for Maisie. Though it hasn’t been revealed what tattoo Maisie got on her arm since it was still covered in a bandage, there are reports that Maisie has gotten a tattoo same as one Sophie has. The tattoo artist posted a picture captioned “Got to tattoo these gorgeous girlies today.”

Although we still don’t know what the tattoo is, based on what the artist commented on her post, the tattoo is that of a date. And when a fan asked what date it is, the artist replied saying,“I’ll let [Maisie Williams] post it first as she wanted to be the first to show it and don’t want to tell everyone before her ? it was a matching one that [S]ophie got too x.”

Later, Maisie posted a picture on her Instagram with the caption ‘07.08.09’, so we can assume that that’s what the tattoo says.


A post shared by Maisie Williams (@maisie_williams) on Sep 13, 2016 at 12:15pm PDT

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Why the date would be important, is because August 7, 2009 was the date that Maisie and Sophie were cast on Game of Thrones as Arya and Sansa respectively. Since it’s a throwback to the start of their friendship, that could just be what the tattoo says. We’ll just have to wait to see it when Maisie or Sophie share it themselves.


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