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Game of Thrones showrunners have revealed where Gendry might be right now



Game of Thrones season 6 was full of serious drama, long awaited revelations and a lot of action-packed sequences that made it as epic as it was. However, there are still a few mysteries left back in previous seasons that are yet to be concluded. This includes that of Robert Baratheon’s bastard Gendry the blacksmith, whose location is as mysterious as Petyr Baelish’s ulterior motives. The last time we saw Gendry, he was rowing a boat away from Dragonstone after Ser Davos Seaworth helped him escape, and since then it seems that he’s still busy rowing his life away.

Exactly where is Gendry, you may ask? Well, nobody knows, but the show runners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss have apparently given us a sort of indication as to where he might be.


It’s not as if Benioff and Weiss have given us his exact location, since they seem to think that he’s rowing away as well for a long time since he left as per what they revealed on theUFC unfiltered podcast. Here’s what they said:

Dan: “He’s still rowing.”

David: “Yes, he’s still rowing. It’s a long, a very long—”

Dan: “He’s coming up on Florida.”

David: “He’s getting in great shape. Think of the shape he’s in after rowing for four seasons.”

Let’s just hope Gendry meets either Arya or Daenerys during his boat rowing life that seems to have no conclusive end, and wonder until next season what the fate of the poor man really is.