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Game of Thrones Season 8 set update: Purpose of the giant set at Titanic Studios revealed!



Game of Thrones is filming for its final season, Season 8, and we have been bring you the latest set updates. In the latest set update, we have some major spoilers. HBO has kept stuff under the wraps, so little has been known till now, but regular observation has finally paid off, according to a new report by Game of Thrones fan site, Watchers on the Wall. Let’s get into it!

Both the updates First off, is a normal set update about the Winterfell set in Moneyglass. The set is running full throttle right now, and Game of Thrones fan Cathair96has snapped up some pictures of this set. Check them out :

Apparently filming has been going on mostly during the nighttime, so maybe we will see some basass night-time winter action. The detailing on the exterior suggests we are going to see it facing an attack, and in the third picture, the trebuchet seems to be equipped, so let’s hope for the best!

Next up, are major spoilers, so SPOILER ALERT! Consider yourself warned!

The next update is about the giant set in the Titanic Studios lot, that we have talked about previously. Check it out below :

Now, sources have told Watchers that this set will stand in for, like we previously speculated, King’s Landing, or to be a bit more specific, apparently the set will be the streets of King’s Landing. Now, why is HBO building a giant set instead of just using the previous locations to show King’s Landing? Here lies the giant spoiler!

The source says that this is because the streets of King’s Landing will be burned down, with Dragonfire! Now we don’t know what colour the fire will be, if you know what we mean, so looks like there’s still some mystery to it.

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In the meantime, let’s speculate! What do you think will happen leading to the eventual fire in the streets of King’s Landing? Talk to us in the comments, down below!


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