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Game of Thrones Season 8 set update: King's Landing set gets ready for action



Game of Thrones is currently on the go filming Season 8, with multiple locations involved. However, as we know, the end game will be at the King’s Landing set at Titanic Studios, Belfast, Northern Ireland, which has been undergoing preparations for a long time now. Today we have a bit of an update on the set, with pictures. Mild spoilers follow, so SPOILER ALERT! Consider yourself warned. Read on!

Last we heard, we had seen the Dothraki and Unsullied marching together on the set. Now, it seems like there will be a fight. Twitter user GoTLike locations has pictures of what looks like a prosthetic made prop of a blob of Unsuliied corpses. Check out the pictures, below:

They are not really trying to hide this.

— GoTlike Locations (@GoTlikeLocation) April 29, 2018

Next up, we have a odd looking yellow structure popping up at the set, plus the Lannister flag flying high in the middle of it all. Check it out:

More from Belfast on Saturday. Anybody who has an idea what that oddly shaped yellow thing could be?

— GoTlike Locations (@GoTlikeLocation) April 29, 2018

Also, pictures of the entrance to the Red Keep, decorated with Lannister swag, which has now been blocked from the paparazzi with a stack of containers:

A huge container stack is now blocking the view from Queens road onto King’s Landing gate in Belfast. Here is how it presented itself during the weekend from afar.

— GoTlike Locations (@GoTlikeLocation) April 30, 2018

So, what do you think will go down at King’s Landing? Talk to us in the comments, down below!