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Game of Thrones might finally introduce a long awaited character



June 8th, 9:06pm June 8th, 9:06pm Nidhi Goswami20-year- old unpopular writer with mad fangirl skills.

Book fans have for long awaited the introduction of Lady Stoneheart on Game of Thrones. For those who don’t know who she is, here’s a little description of her: Lady Stoneheart is the zombie-like version of Catelyn Stark, who was brought back from the dead by Berric Dondarion soon after the Red Wedding, and has since been avenging the death of her family by those associated with it. How Lady Stoneheart might finally make an appearance in the show, let’s delve in.

In the latest episode, The Broken Man, we saw the return of a beloved character, that of the Hound, who was saved from the brink of death by Ray (Ian Mcshane) and brought to a village community that was wiped out almost immediately in the same episode. This mass killing occurred when the Brotherhood Without Banners suddenly marched onto these peaceful people and later on slaughtered them all, leaving the Hound to return to his life of violence. Now, the important part here is, that the men from the Brotherhood Without Banners who attacked Ray’s people, might consist of one of the previous characters from the show –Lem Lemoncloak. And if it is true that those men were whom we think they were, fans think that Lady Stoneheart might just make her grand debut.

Redditor PrinceInDaNorf wrote, “In the closing scene of the most recent episode, we see the group of innocent smallfolk and Septon Ray get slaughtered by the Brotherhood. Everyone’s been debating about whether that was really the Brotherhood, and what it means for that arc going forward if it was. Personally, I’m positive that it was really them, and I’m also positive that we will get to see Lady Stoneheart, probably by the end of this season. If you go back and watch the final scene again, you’ll hear that the motif/theme that plays as the Hound is walking through the field of the dead and approaching the partially built shelter where Ray was hanged is unmistakably Brienne’s theme. More specifically, it’s the exact version of her theme that plays when she first swears herself to Catelyn in season 2, just with a darker tone to it. I’m of the mind that the show version of Lem noticed the Hound and subsequently reported this finding to LSH, who promptly ordered the Brotherhood to return to the camp and slaughter everyone in sight.”

If these hints from the recent episode are to be believed, then we can surely hope that Lady Stoneheart finally makes an appearance.

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