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Game of Thrones’ Jason Momoa apologizes for taking pictures inside the Sistine Chapel




Game of Thrones’ cast included a great number of actors and actresses who can be described as the most down-to-earth celebrities. Jason Momoa, who played Khal Drogo, is definitely one of them. Despite achieving great success as the superhero Aquaman, he has managed to stay true to his roots. The actor is currently facing an emotional crisis, and sometimes he makes mistakes that he later regrets. Momoa unknowingly took pictures inside the Sistine Chapel, where the use of mobile phones and cameras is forbidden. He later apologized for the same in an Instagram post.

Momoa recently posted a workout video publicly mentioning the incident, while also apologizing and showing his love for Italy. He wrote, “The cage is off I’m free to roam 6weeks since surgery WE WRAPPED ITALY. Just want to send my absolute admiration for the Italians and this beautiful country. want to send apologize for any disrespect I love your culture and history. ITALY I FUCKING LOVE YOU ALL MY ALOHA J.”

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He added, “If you ever thought that I disrespected your culture, it wasn’t my intention. Now that I can, I gave [the Vatican] a wonderful donation to bring my friends and crew because we only had a couple of days off to go experience these places. I found people really wanted to take pictures with me [there], which is very odd in the church Vatican looking at all this splendor.”

Momoa was in Italy filming for his upcoming movie Fast X. What do you think of this gesture? Talk to us in the comments below!


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