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Game of Thrones filming ends forever, Maisie Williams bids goodbye to the show



Game of Thrones recently had its official wrap party in Belfast, and we are seeing the actors look back on their time on the show, already. Now, while the show might have had an official wrap, there was still some residual filming left, which was expected to end with this week, especially at the King’s Landing set at Titanic Studios in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The filming on the show has now wrapped up for good. Read on!

Now, before we jump in, we would like to acknowledge one thing. This is the last Game of Thrones filming update we bring to you. As Game of Thrones fan, twitter user A Red Priestess had tweeted that the filming was scheduled to end with the first week of June, and it looks like it has. A Red Priestess also had a last filming update for us, with some pictures of the dying down smoke :

King’s Landing today… #GameOfThrones

— A Red Priestess (@a_red_priestess) July 6, 2018

In a reply thread she also said Kit Harington has finished filming for Game of Thrones earlier this week:

I was told he finished on Wednesday

— A Red Priestess (@a_red_priestess) July 6, 2018

She also said that filming has probably finished yesterday, and that might as well be true because her information has been pretty accurate for the most part.

So KL is Harrenhal 2.0 from freefolk

Now while we have seen few of the stars bid goodbye to the show over the last few days, today, Maisie Williams, who plays the role of Arya Stark on the show, finally said goodbye to the show. She was the last leading cast member to finish her filming, and she shared a picture on Instagram to mark the end of filming for the show for herself, and for everybody else:

The hashtag is certainly an interesting one. Last woman standing? Could it be so that Arya is the one who wins the Game of Thrones? A couple of comments on her picture by her co-stars might be a hint at that, too:

Interesting comments from Lena Headey (Cersei) and Faye Marsay (The Waif) on Maisie Williams goodbye post. #GameofThrones

— Corey Smith (@CourtsideCorey) July 7, 2018

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Then again “Queen” has become quite a common lingo, so we really can’t say. What do you guys think? Hit us up in the comments, down below!

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