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Game of Thrones fans might have figured out who’s playing Rhaegar Targaryen



rhaegar-targaryen-5323051 August 14th, 3:32am August 14th, 3:32am Nidhi Goswami20-year- old unpopular writer with mad fangirl skills.

Game of Thrones fans are some of the smartest people on the planet, there’s no denying that. So when some of us come up with theories and predictions about the show or the books, we’ve usually got evidence to support that. The latest on the world’s intelligent Game of Thrones fanatics is that they might have figured out who will possibly be playing Rhaegar Targaryen. Although he’s never been a part of the show since he died long before the series began, Rhaegar’s affected some of the most significant storylines in the plot (for instance, Jon Snow). Fans expect Rhaegar to show up in some sort of flashback scene during season 7, and they might just be right.

A Reddit post  has brought some convincing evidence to life. British actor Wilf Scolding could possibly be the father of Jon Snow. Here’s proof, which includes a twitter interaction between Wilf and Aisling Franciosi, the actress who played Lyanna Stark. Aisling followed Wilf during the filming of season 7 back in September last year, and Wilf followed her back as well.

Fans think that it is important to note that Wilf has only followed Aisling back, since they believe that Rhaegar will be a part of a wedding scene where only a few other actors would be present. Let’s not forget the physical description of Rhaegar in the books, that of a tall, handsome man with dark eyes. Wilf pretty much fits the description as you can see below.

There’s no official confirmation about this theory, but let’s hope it does come true in this season.

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