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Game Of Thrones cast reveals which characters they would like to kill



July 23rd, 5:02am July 23rd, 5:02am Amrit PratyushAn engineering student by profession who is at heart a true fan of Game of Thrones and loves to think and put those ideas on paper. Influenced by GRRM, Amish Tripathi and sacred texts from Indian Mythology. Yes, I strongly believe in God.

Seventh season of HBO’s hit show Game of Thrones aired last Sunday i.e. 16 of July with all pomp, and the show thrashed all of its previous records in terms of popularity and viewership. As it seems, neither fans nor the crew members can stop talking about it. So we bring to you the notions and words of the show’s cast as they go on promoting the very new season.

EW lately released a fun video where the actors revealed the characters they would most likely be willing to kill. Most of the responses were as they were expected, but there were a couple of real shockers. Brienne responded with the most expected name from her side, and it was none other than Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish. Gwendoline Christie (Brienne) continued the segment with a hearty laughter as Nikolaj choose the Dragon queen Daenerys to be killed by the Kingslayer Jaime. Jerome Flynn expected Bronn to live upto his reputation and kill anyone, and Iain Glenn seemed so crossed with Ramsay that he said that Jorah would like to kill him again if he could. Gemma Whelan, the actress who plays Yara Greyjoy though claimed that she would kill Euron Greyjoy if she could.

Kit Harrington went on to state that he would kill Brienne if he could and we are as surprised as you are! Although, Jon assured us of no such thing to happen actually, but he claimed that Jon has a secret grudge against Brienne and that he really hates her! Watch the complete video down here.

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