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Game of Thrones cast and crew members tease season 7 finale, “The Dragon and the Wolf”



Game of Thrones Season 7 is coming to an end, when the 7th episode airs later today. Titled ‘The Dragon and the Wolf‘, the episode has been hyped up quite a lot. HBO recently released official pictures from the episode, and now we have more hype. The Hollywood Reporter just published a compound interview with bits from director Alan Taylor, Iain Glen (Jorah Mormont), Kristofer Hivju (Tormund Giantsbane), andRichard Dormer (Beric Dondarrion). Read on!

Starting off, Iain Glen spoke about how great of a journey it has been, coming from different directions and finally ending up together. He said :

“The reason we’re starting to group together and all starting to be part of the same storylines is because the end is nigh. That’s the movement towards it. What you do as actors is you say, ‘Fucking hell. Can you believe how this has been?’ You share your delight and how much of a ball the whole gig has been. Sometimes it’s easy to think, ‘Is it just me?’ And then you bump into all of the other actors and we all feel the same”

“It’s very hard, because we know it’s not going to be there for much longer. It’s all going to go at some point — well, we know at what point. You want to relish it while it’s there, man. It’s a lovely feeling. It’s like someone you have known for a great deal of time but you’ve never had the chance to really see them and shake their hand and be part of the same thing and give them a hug. For everyone, it was a special time.”

Next up, was Richard Dormer, who talked about the finale :

“I think what everybody imagines, they’re going to get it, and maybe even a little bit more. It’s the last episode, so things are really ramping up. It’s going to be truly epic. You’re going to wish you were watching on a massive cinema screen.”

Alan Taylor directed ‘Beyond the Wall’, the sixth episode of Season 7, which aired last Sunday, and he thinks that the finale this time is bigger than the penultimate episode, which is usually the best one :

“When I heard I was going to be doing the penultimate episode of the season, I went, ‘Oh, good! That’s the big one!’ In most HBO shows’ story-arcs, and on Game of Thrones usually, the penultimate is the big one and then you coast down in the final episode. I got to Belfast and started looking at the other scripts and went, ‘Oh, mine’s not the big one. That’s the big one.’”

Kristofer Hivju also talked about the 81-minute long episode, which is apparently going to be spectacular :

“It’s going to be interesting, I can tell you that. It’s like Game of Thrones is competing with Game of Thrones, in the way that we feel everybody has to take it up another notch to make the fans happy. I really think they have done that this year.”

“When you have a battle in episode two, and a huge one in episode four … these are big, big sequences. Somehow, it feels like the thing on Game of Thrones now is, if anybody comes up with a [great] idea, whatever the cost, the ambition, everyone has to say yes. We’re competing with ourselves. Episode seven is maybe the longest one. We’re talking about a feature-length episode.”

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